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14 September 2009 @ 10:34 am
One way or another  
This can be easy, or this can be hard, but one way or the other. An offer commencing next February. However *sigh* a huge hurdle stood between me and my dream - lack of financial resources. 

February 25, 2008: Lecturers been driving the whole class mad with tons of assignments. Life in main campus is hard enough with me moving to a new house in Section 7. Today is supposed be a very special day to me. Registration at VU. I woke up with a dreadful thought in my mind. Like flash cards, images of VU's offer letter kept popping. I could not focus in class. My thoughts drowned out the lecturer's voice. There I was, sitting in the middle of my class with tears rolling down on my cheeks. I wish I was strong enough that there was something I could have done to make it happen. Aih, another one and a half year spend at local university.

That was almost two years ago. Hope please don't run away from me. See, I'm harmless.
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