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26 July 2009 @ 11:50 pm
Baby, I will wait for you.  

Word of the day: Slim.

Any girl would dream of a slim-figure. So slim so that you can fit into size 2. In women's  world, slim is the word of an angel. What about slim as in, in a chance? Nobody wants to hear the word slim in the same sentence with chance. Am I right? The loss of hope and the ruined dream.

Anyway. The point is I received another email from Cranfield. You are right, it has the word slim in the electronic mail.

"There is a slim chance that a place may become available at short notice."

A slim chance! Hah, I just know I'm not going to make it for October entry, even if I do so, it is unlikely there's enough time for me to settle everything. Student visa, financial arrangement and everything related for an international student studying in United Kingdom.

"On this basis we would like to ask if you wish to be considered by another course for 2009/10; be considered for a place on the ATM course for 2010/11 or whether you wish to withdraw your application."

Another course? No, I rather not.
Be considered for ATM's 2010/11? YES! DEFINITELY! TOTALLY! I DO! I DO!
Withdraw? NO WAY!

One more year to go. I'll wait.

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